Bring the People Rosary

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Welcome to the "Bring the People to My Love" Rosary

"The Rosary is an experience.
We have transformed a traditional ritualistic tool to a modern miracle method
to connect with God's love, a higher power, and everything that is available from Spirit."
-- Rev. Lisa Clayton, Master Teacher, Author, Speaker,
Founder of Source Potential Spiral Learning

Child of Light, Return to My Love


You are a Child of Light. A divine decree was established long ago for each Child of Light to personally experience the eternal love of the Lord.


Not the Catholic rosary, this new thought Rosary is given to remind you of the eternal bond you share with God. Say the Rosary and afterward, while in prayer and meditation, open your heart to receive a response to your prayers and guidance about your life.


Return to eternal love. This is your true home. Each time you make this journey home by reciting this Rosary, the way will be opened for more love to enter your human life. You will also find sharing the love in your heart with the people in your life to be effortless.


The Angels on High, Divine Mother, and Heaven Father have reached out to give this Rosary to you, their beloved Children of Light.


Hear Readings of the Rosary


You are invited to listen to recordings of previous recitations. Click the "Rosary Readings" button at the top of this page to find them.


Angels of Light Rosary Reading

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